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Ginette SP

Jan. 23, 2021

Called about 10 different oil companies

Wednesday 1/20/2021 I called about 10 different oil companies for a emergency oil delivery (we failed to keep track due to travel which is no ones fault I understand) all companies couldn’t make it sooner rather than later, most representatives/owners were quite rude because we didn’t want to lock in a contract — I finally came across Freedom Fuel, and let me tell you Jason & his wife have exceeded my expectations. Jason is lively, kind and has stellar customer service. His wife is also friendly & kind. Freedom fuel does not service the town we live in YET, and he still was kind enough to stop by to provide us with the oil we desperately needed. We normally do have our go to but that’s out the window, customer service is everything, we were ready to pay whatever fee, to whomever will deliver services — but the service Freedom fuel provided definitely made all the difference. They’ve gained another customer & I sure as hell will be telling any homeowner/property owner about them !!!!

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