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Jess Harlow

Jess Harlow

Dec. 2021

I cannot say enough great things about Freedom Fuel.

I cannot say enough great things about Freedom Fuel. My boyfriend and I called Jason late on a Friday night because our oil tank was acting up. We had just recently purchased the house and we had been running our heat for a while, so we figured it was time to fill the tank. We have an older house, so we got a little nervous that the tank was out because safe to say, if the pipes burst, we'd have a WAY bigger problem... one we wouldn't be able to afford. Jason agreed to coming out to our house, got here within an hour, filled our oil tank without a complaint (even though it was not even completely empty) took pictures of our burner and sent them to his service guy and was just genuinely a really, really great and genuine guy. Safe to say, from now on we will be using no other company than Freedom Fuel for our fuel services. This guy and this company is overall top notch business. Oh AND his wife was super genuine and caring on the phone when we first called. Overall, a great family and a great company. Well done, Freedom Fuel and thanks for taking care of us.

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